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Videot - AFC Keltik vs. FC Nurmes 2010

Finally, 21 videos from that match!

Let's start easy with some potkupallo. ;-)

Nice forechecking.

A bit selfish freekick by Tero.

Nice pass from Tero, but Strand is faster than his legs. ;-)

Strand-goal with the second try.

Liian kova peli. ;-)

Short shot of a short shot.

Another good shot, but missed.

Good development of a goal chance but bad finish.

Perfect pass by Tero into the "alley", finished cool by Strand.

A blurred vision of a Strand-goal after a great Tomi-solo.

Tricky Tero but with an unlucky finish.

Tricky Tero but with an unlucky finish. (Yes, this is not the same clip.)

Shot above the goal.

And another shot above the goal.

Nice cross but too soft header.

The only "attack" by Nurmes in the second half.

Nice pass by Kimmo, but a shot above the goal.

Good shot by Tero, good catch from the keeper.

An easy goal by Sami S.

The last final: Very close shot by Sami R. ;-)

Videos: Ralf Wunderlich, 15.08.2010