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Kuvat - AFC Keltik VS. LehPa/2

36 pretty good zoom pictures from our game against LehPa/2 yesterday. Click on the pics for big versions and contact us for even bigger versions.

Pete and Marko against two strikers.

Tero watches Kimmo dribbling in the midfield.

Piri runs for the ball.

Sami chips the ball above the goalkeeper - and next to the goal.

The defense clears a situation with Saku and Sami.

Our defense line awaits an attack.

Janne caught the ball. Pete and Artsi can relax.

Tero and Lauri await a high ball.

Lauri against two.

Piri covers his opponent in front of the goal.

Already a legendary Keltik photo: Saku jumps up. As for why, we can only guess. But out of context, it looks so funny ;-)

Pete in a duel with his opponent.

Marko doing a throw-in.

And another great action shot with Saku who loses the duel against the great LehPa-goalkeeper.

Have you noticed that the referee was always close to the ball? Good job from him.

Pete and his opponent in another tough fight for the ball. Looks like rugby. ;-)

Kimmo in a one-on-one situation.

Lauri surrounded by opponents and the referee.

Yet another close duel with Pete and a striker.

Question: What is wrong in this picture? The answer follows under the next picture.

Answer: Antti wears red shorts. In Berlin, this would cause a 24 pack of beer as punishment.

Sapp-time! Finally, the Master himself enters the playground. Time to dominate.

Sami S., Lauri and Jussi.

A corner kick from the left...

and from the right. Where is the hat of the goalkeeper?

Shakehands with the kuningas and his opponent who is still in pain after the previous foul.

Legs spread wide open when Sami S. passes through them. ;-)

A scout from Manchester United carefully watches El Pendolino running.

Good chance for Lehpa, but Piri is about to tackle the ball away.

The kuningas not jumping high enough (actually not at all ;-) ) in this header duel.

Lauri and his opponent in close contact.

Isn't this Michael Rapaport, the actor from this TV series?

A resemblance to this legendary Keltik photo.

The kuningas is about to score the 2:0 by chipping the ball above the goalkeeper.

Sami S. concentrates and focuses on the ball.

Fighting for every meter.

Kuvat: Ralf Wunderlich, 01.07.2012