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LehPan kevätturnaus

On Saturday, 2nd April 2016, Keltik participated in Lehmon-Pallo 77's Spring tournament. Check out how that went for us in this report.

The Alps of Lehmo.

A long football break (last game: August 2015) ended on 2nd April 2016 when we played three games with 2x25 minutes each during LehPa's Kevätturnaus.

The following players attended the tournament: Anousack, Antti-Eemeli, Bhabishya, Cekdar, Cristian, Eetu, Eriseld, Jani K., Janne, Jérèmie, Marko, Miikka, Oskari, Pete, Ralf, Risto, Roope, Sami and Ville-Pekka

Special spectators appearances by Arto, president Jukka and - as a great surprise - Sami Pirinen who visited from Oulu.

Eagerly waiting for finally being able to go on a football field again.

In all games we rotated at half-time. The plan was to get active and find our football mojo again after a long winter. We also wanted to practise our new tactics.

The first game was played against LehPa/1 from Nelonen division. It was an even game with Keltik leading 2-1 at halftime. Anousack scored one goal, the other goal... was it Roope in his first real football game ever? I don't remember, sorry.

Lineup: Cristian - Marko (Eetu), Ralf (Pete), Janne, Ville - Sami (Risto), Jérèmie, Anousack (Oskari), Antti (Roope), Cekdar (Miikka), Eriseld

A scene from the game LehPa/1 versus AFC Keltik (2-2).

The second game was played against a refugee team. It was a very chaotic and unorganised, static game which ended with an unsatisfying 0-0. However, it turned out that the refugee team actually got good results later, so our draw was not that bad after all.

Lineup: Cristian - Marko, Ralf (Jani), Pete (Janne), Antti - Sami (Bhabishya), Eetu (Jérèmie), Oskari (Anousack), Risto (Ville) - Miikka (Eriseld), Cekdar (Roope)

The French Connection: Jérèmie and Anousack.

After a 2 hour break for makkara and other goodies from the kioski, we had the last game against NiemU from our Viitonen-division. It was a close game with a 1-0 victory for us at the end. I think Cekdar scored the goal, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Lineup: Cristian - Marko (Janne), Ralf, Pete, Jani - Roope (Risto), Antti, Ville, Bhabishya (Sami) - Miikka, Eriseld (Cekdar)

Another scene from the game LehPa/1 versus AFC Keltik (2-2).

Thanks and respect goes to LehPa for organising this nice and friendly tournament and offering the teams the opportunity to play football outside at this early time of the year. Next year again? :-)