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AFC Keltik - JoPS yj

AFC Keltik started successfully into the Viitonen 2016 season. A 2-0 against a surprisingly strong team from JoPS yj in front of about 50 spectators (first half; a bit less in second half) in Mehtimäki brought Keltik to the top of the league for now. That is no wonder though since this was the opening game of the league and no one else has played yet. ;-) Let's have a look at the details of the game, shall we?

Pvm: Su 24.4.2016
Klo: 15:30
Pelipaikka: Joensuu, Mehtimäki
Katsojia: 50
Tuomari: Ronkainen E., Alitupa T., Kettunen A.
Tulos: 2-0 (1-0)

Keltikin kokoonpano:

1 Pandelescu George-Cristian
3 Kettunen Jani
5 Toikkanen Jukka
6 Varvemaa Jesse
8 Daranouvongs Anousack
9 Piiroinen Sami
10 Utriainen Janne (C)
12 Wunderlich Ralf
13 Junnilainen Arto
18 Pieniniemi Oskari
20 Gurung Bhabishya
21 Dapi Eriseld
24 Turunen Marko
25 Strand Jani
27 Seppälä Antti-Eemeli
31 Havukainen Miikka
33 Seppälä Ville-Pekka
35 Piiroinen Risto
47 Giray Mervan
88 Giray Cekdar
99 Mustonen Tero

JoPS yj:n kokoonpano:

2 Martikainen Aleksi
3 Hyttinen Jesse
4 Lemmetyinen Juho
6 Raatikainen Joel
7 Ratilainen Juho
9 Lappalainen Aleksi
11 Rämänen Aleksi
12 Pieviläinen Santeri
17 Ratilainen Jouni
23 Aspelund Karri
69 Ryynänen Topi
71 Pöyhönen Ilja
78 Kukkonen Toni (C)


32' 1-0 88 Giray Cekdar (27 Antti-Eemeli Seppälä)
37' varoitus 78 Kukkonen Toni
58' varoitus 88 Giray Cekdar
64' varoitus 1 Pandelescu George-Cristian
83' varoitus 6 Raatikainen Joel
89' 2-0 88 Giray Cekdar (99 Tero Mustonen)


It was one of those games after which one has to conclude "3 points are 3 points". Keltik won 2-0 against JoPS yj in a not very good game. While the defense stood solid as a rock (only one real chance + 2 corners for JoPS in 90 minutes), we were not able to find our own style and get a grip on the game. That was partly due to us playing randomly and not enough as one team (too many solo dribblings instead of easy passes), but also because JoPS stood very well and made it difficult to get through their lines.

The longer the game remained 0-0, the more self-confident JoPS became and the less controlled Keltik acted. Luckily, when the tide was about to turn towards JoPS' favor, Cekdar scored the 1-0 after a corner ball. That gave us back a feeling of security. Sadly, this goal in minute 32 is already the last noteworthy scene from the first half. It was definitely not a game to remember.

The second half got even worse. JoPS tried to push forward, however, their attacks posed no threat for Cristian's goal. The only actual ball to the goal was a header after a freekick. That was not enough for JoPS to take home a point or even three. Keltik on the other hand completely lost focus and fell back to last year's early performances when 11 players did something something dark side instead of playing together as a team. Our formation fell apart and one can only say "sorry" to our fans who deserve to witness nicer things. Nonetheless, the positive thing to point out is that last year, we lost such games. Today, our victory was secure.

The highlight of the second half: One minute before the end, Cekdar ran alone towards the goal and was tackled to the ground by the last defender. The defender was lucky and only got a yellow card (is the card not listed in the official "ottelutapahtumat" above?). At least we managed to score the 2-0 after the following freekick. Tero made a smart pass to Cekdar who put the ball to the right corner of the goal. Soon after the game was over.

Thanks for JoPS for this tight match. In a way, their approach to the game was better than SaPa's last week. In two weeks, JoPS welcomes FC Nurmes and Keltik faces the younglings from LehPa/3. ;-) Good luck to everyone.