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Winter news

We know that our fans (all 4 of them) are keen to know what's going on in the Keltik-world at the moment. Sad truth: nothing much. Almost all of our Areena-grassfield-trainings have been canceled due to music events and other happenings. On average, we train once per month. Futsal happens more often, but 21:45-22:45 is a time not possible for some of our hard working players.

On a positive note though, we managed to play two big grassfield-matches in Areena which went quite well:

On 6th January, we invited the newly formed football team of Kiteen Urheilijat for a friendly game. The final score was 1-1 (0-1). After months without football, we had a very slow start in the game. In the second half, we dominated, but only scored one goal (Ceko?).

On 2th February, we got a very nice and surprising invite from JoPS edustusjoukkue (Kolmonen-division) to play a friendly game against them. Again, a very bad start saw us behind with 0-2 after a few minutes, but then we found our formation and apart from one bouncing-ball goal (45.), we managed to keep our penalty area free from danger. Second half was actually 0-0. Not bad. Our attacking side was non-existing though. Thanks to JoPS for the invite. We appreciate it.


Keltik also participated in the Itä-Suomen futsal league. It was a pretty sad view this time. Two divisions with only few teams. Only two match days with a disappointing total of only five games. Honestly, the football winter break lasts at least 5 months. How is it not possible to organise an actual futsal league system? Give us some love, SPL!

On 14th January, we played two games in Kuopio:

Pupa - Keltik 3-1 (goal: ?)
Tou/sininen - Keltik 1-0

Not bad results, if you consider that we had troubles finding enough players for this tournament.

On 5th February we played three games in Polvijärvi:

Keltik - PoPS-78 1-1 (last minute-goal: Antti-Eemeli)
Keltik - Raiku 0-4
Keltik - Zulimanit 5-2 (goals:: Arafat (2), Antti-Eemeli, Than and Tri-Pham (?))

It was nice to finish the winter season with a victory against a team from Nelonen. Now we focus on the new summer season. With the next training coming on... whenever there are no concerts or parties anymore in Areena. ;-)

New partner for Keltik: Jokiväri

AFC Keltik thanks our new premium partner Jokiväri Oy for providing us with a new set of water bottles including holder. Those bottles are very useful since neither Koillipuisto nor Rantakylä, our two home fields, have a direct water connection. Now we can provide water for the whole team easily. :-)

AFC Keltik announces full squad for 2016

Hi guys,

thank you so much for your interest in AFC Keltik! We are very happy that after all those years, people start to notice us and find out about our positive and friendly environment. Our latest trainings have topped one participation record after the other. Yesterday, we had 25 players in Mehtimäki. You guys are awesome! :-)

However, we have one bad news: Our playing squad for the season 2016 is full. We cannot provide enough playing time for more players, sorry. You are all still very welcome to join our training group and if you keep on coming, then we can start a second team in 2017. Together we can make it work!

Hyvää vappua kaikille!

AFC Keltik's headcoach

Tactical test game against FC Hertta

On Sunday, 10th April 2016, AFC Keltik played a tactical test game against the womens team of FC Hertta. Both teams practised their tactics and focussed on proper gaming. The final score was 2-1 for Keltik with FC Hertta missing two penalties in minute 90+1. That was unfortunate for them. But they played a good game nonetheless.

AFC Keltik vs FC Hertta
A scene from the tactical test game AFC Keltik vs. FC Hertta

End of the futsal season

AFC Keltik thanks all players who trained and played futsal with us, both, the members, as well as our guests.

Here is a picture from 15.03.2016: